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Stand Up to uterine fibroids

The agency was tasked with creating a consumer campaign that motivated women to seek treatment for their utrerine fibroids. Existing treatments have proven to not be efficacious, they can lead to bone loss, liver toxicity issues, and pre-menopausal symptoms, and they can also potentially compromise fertility. The new available treatment is an "all-in-one" treatment that is safe for prolonged use and also has a built-in hormone replacement, meaning women won't have to take an additional medication.


Campaign Concept





Motivate more women to seek out a better way to gain control over uterine fibroids and endometriosis

We've been conditioned to think that women's health is meant to be inconvenient, painful, or embarrassing. Like the rest of society, physicians have been indoctrinated to see uterine problems as natural or inevitable. We aimed to reframe the conversation that women and their obgyn's were having about uterine health. There needed to be a shift in tone and a more modern, considered approach to design—so women feel their doctor's are truly allies.

RetailShelfShouter Copy 2.png

Oh, the tampon aisle. Women with breakthrough bleeding know it well. It's a perfect place to engage the women that are struggling with fibroids. A shelf-shouter triggered an AR "conversation" that prompted them to take a quiz about how many tampons they typically use. This experience worked for both an unbranded and branded experience.

YouTube Channel.png

How do you talk about blood without showing blood? We realized that just using a field of red could be enough to get the idea through. The campaign Stand Up came from the idea that the simple act of standing up from your desk, or a theater seat, could be an action that could reveal to the world that you have bled through your pants. Having fibroids and having been there myself, I can tell you first-hand how awful this can be. That's how I came up with the idea for Stand Up. We bisected all images in half and treated the lower half in red. 

"Some days I feel like I’m completely controlled by my fibroids. The anxiety about breakthroughs stops me in my tracks."


We created storyboards for a 60 second spot and an AR experience that showed that fear—the "Fibroid Moment of Truth". It follows women as they consider getting up to leave their desks or a theater seat, or a cafe. As they begin to stand, they have the thought that they no longer need to be concerned about breakthrough bleeding because they are on Relugolix and can confidently Stand Up. As their bodies cross the horizontal divide, we see they are brought back to full color.

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