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Patient photography made memorable

Millions of torturous hours of market research have proven that doctors want to see images of patients—frequently culminating in a photo of a couple on a beach.

In addition to infusing vibrancy and energy into our patient photography, we had an additional visual challenge. Patients over 65 need 2 pneumonia vaccines: PNEUMOVAX 23 and its competitor. Thanks to legal regulations, we needed a visual solution to explain this without explicitly naming the other vaccine. For these concepts, the colors in the background form the patterns of the patients' shirts, illustrating the idea that you need "two to complete" their vaccination.


Photoshoot concept and Art Direction





Working closely with the stylists to find shirts that could be re-colored correctly in post-production turned out to be one of the most difficult aspects of the shoot. We worked hard to find models that would be memorable, because we really needed doctors to be able to recall the dosing algorithm.


Getting what you need

The trickiest part of a photoshoot is ensuring that you have a shot list that captures all the possible ways you may need to use an image. For us, that meant getting images of our models seated so we could use them in places where we didn't have a lot of vertical space.

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